Thursday, February 18, 2010

Genting Highland

If you want a comfortable atmosphere and cool the Genting Highlands is one of the interesting destinations that can be visited. If from Kuala Lumpur we only need to take about 1 hour to reach the top of Genting Highlands. Road to be traveled is MRR2 toward Tol Gombak and then continue to climb to the summit continued to Genting Highlands.

I spend time with my family for 2 days, 1 night in Genting because want to get a very comfortable atmosphere and cool and refreshing. Known after day after day with the stress and busy work seek daily. The most exciting time in Genting Highlands is enjoy the night is cold and refreshing. Cloud is no longer visible because the deck was covered by fog so thick. Fog pulak so fast moving a strong scatter. Feel like the climate in the country during the cold pulak. Enjoy the scenery and the air outside the building with the family at the top of Genting Highlands is more than worthwhile in the building hiruk pikuk fun playing with people who are friends in the park provided.

Prior to that, for children are the Theme Parks is provided either want it wet or dry is a heavenly game world to them. Each game will be provided promising enjoyment of the game sure will not forget. But not all games can be used by all children, no height limit prescribed. If the past can limit la, if not address tengok aje la ye ..... Theme Park is also not limited to children but for adults like us-we all have enough and also challenging. From Roller coasters, the cradle can not remember the dizzy flight, I fly up toys like it are available. Tree base whether or not only brave ..... The most horrible game for me is that fluctuations tu aje height of approximately 50 to 70 meters ..... but if I think there are increased heart wince and wince over kat kat think there are below. Who have heart disease or high blood pressure do not take la .... woiiiiiii can die ..... he3 ......

After the main break in the theme park and enjoy a fun night in the cold conditions it becomes final destination hotels to relaxing the body. But sleep is the best activity ..... enjoy sleeping ni kat Genting Highlands ... I touched it open aircond .... room is not even available aircond ..... sejukkkkkk besttttttt ..... That's stunning to Genting Highlands. To those who want a cool atmosphere and cold weather so Genting Highlands is the best destination must visit. Various other interesting activities that can be carried out during the peak of Mount certainly comfortable and refreshing. Doni massacred us to Genting Highlands for a holiday but do not AWAS pulak go gambling!